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Designated Substances


OSSA's Health & Safety Awareness workshops are designed to provide employers, supervisors, HR professionals, health & safety representatives and JHSC members with the information and skills needed to uphold your legal obligations under the Act and create an effective health & safety program in the workplace. These modules are designed to support our Workwell Program or they can be delivered as awareness seminars to larger audiences.

Each workshop is approximately 2 hours in length and provides an engaging combination of activities, such as lecture, large group discussion, case study analysis and action planning in both a small group format and through individual exercises.

Customized workshops on additional topics are available upon request.


Designated Substances

This workshop is designed to provide employees with the information about designated substances used in the workplace. It covers:

  • Regulations that pertain to the designated substance
  • Personal Protective Equipment, work practices and hygeine practices that help employees use the substance in a safe and healty way
  • Assessment and control program requirements

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Name the Designated Substances in your workplace and explain how you might be exposed to the substance while working
  • List two hazards associated with each designated substance
  • Explain what personal protective equipment should be worn when using the designated substance
  • Give examples of three controls for each substance

Cost:  $119.00 per participant, including materials (plus applicable taxes)

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You should label all containers in your workplace, even water. There has been several accidents due to mistaken contents!

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