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Roles & Responsibilities Under the Ontario Health & Safety Act


OSSA's Health & Safety Awareness workshops are designed to provide employers, supervisors, HR professionals, health & safety representatives and JHSC members with the information and skills needed to uphold your legal obligations under the Act and create an effective health & safety program in the workplace. These modules are designed to support our Workwell Program or they can be delivered as awareness seminars to larger audiences.

Each workshop is approximately 2 hours in length and provides an engaging combination of activities, such as lecture, large group discussion, case study analysis and action planning in both a small group format and through individual exercises.

Customized workshops on additional topics are available upon request.


Roles & Responsibilities Under the Ontario Health & Safety Act

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the legislated responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers, as defined within the OHSA.
  • Define the four rights of worker's under the OHSA, including the right to participate in a JHSC or as a Health & Safety Representative.
  • Identify the fines and penalties associated with not upholding your duties under the Act.
  • Understand what "Due Diligence" means and how to demonstrate "Due Diligence" in workplace health and safety.
  • Explain the requirements of a workplace Health & Safety policy
  • Outline both employer and worker obligations regarding early and safe return to work

Cost:  $119.00 per participant, including materials (plus applicable taxes)

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