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Health & Safety Calculator

What does a workplace injury really cost?

Workplace injuries can result in many costs that are not covered by a WSIB claim. In fact, the WSIB estimates that claims only cover about 20% of the total cost of an injury.* This calculator helps businesses to evaluate the total cost of an injury and the impact on their bottom line.

The calculator contains 11 injury scenarios based on injuries common to the service sector. Each scenario provides general estimates on costs related to that injury (note that costs will differ for every business).

Here’s what you can do with the calculator:

  • Use the Start tab for an overview of injury costs and some prevention resources for each scenario.
  • Use the Calculator tab to customize a scenario or create your own, and save or print your results.
  • Try the WSIB costs tab to see how injuries can affect your premiums.
  • See the Resources tab to find collected resources for all scenarios.

Launch OSSA’s Health & Safety Calculator

The Ontario Service Safety Alliance’s Health & Safety Calculator has been adapted, with permission, from versions developed by WorkSafe BC and IAPA. Additional small business resources can be obtained free of charge from IAPA’s calculator can be found at

* From the WSIB’s Business Results Through Health & Safety

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How to Order

Introduction to a Basic Occupational Health & Safety System (product number 100-008-001-P-GE) can be ordered online or by calling our Client Services Line at 1-888-478-6772.

More Information

For more information on developing a Health & Safety system in your workplace, see Getting Started - A Health & Safety Primer for Small Business.

Did you know?

You should always tape down electrical cords if there is a possibility of someone walking over the cord. This will minimize the possibility of someone tripping. Refer to OSSA Safety Check Sheet on Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls for more information.

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